Maria di Pace

House SP

A 480-m² house the 1980s was refurbished by Maria together with her brother Raul. The integration of environments is the main purpose of the project. They opted for a double height duplex and they installed glass doors to ensure that light reached the entire living area and to enable people to appreciate the beautiful natural surroundings. With small walls, some of the spaces are separated by running doors, such as the living room, the home theatre room, the dining room and also the kitchen.
On the second floor, the master bedroom includes two home offices that are separated by ranging double height, allowing one to stay over the other.
The spacious environments were enriched with furniture and design pieces, as well as many artworks and photographs that exude character. This is the case of the long and narrow, 17th Century Italian dining table, with chairs by the Portuguese artist Duarte Pinto Coelho. A lantern created by Maria and findings brought Buenos Aires, complete the ambiance.
Shades of blue dominate the house. The favourite colour of Maria, blue covers the kitchen furniture, the Peacock armchair – signed by the Italian designer Giulio Cappellini, it is also the colour of the carpet in the home theatre, in the swimming pool and in several details around the suite.

Architecture: Raul di Pace
Interiors: Maria di Pace
Photos: Filippo Bamberghi





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