Maria di Pace

My Yoga

Sao Paulo
Date of completion: 06/02/12
Architecture: Raul di Pace
Interiors: Maria di Pace
Photos: Fran Parente

The space was planned to be a yoga studio, designed according to the Indian culture that teaches that yoga is the process that most connects body and soul. Because of this, it was natural that the practice space surrendered itself to the sensory experience that ranges the visual to the emotional. In the project proposal for the My Yoga studio, a new concept for the space was planned, integrating the philosophy of life through sustainable materials and creating an environment to increase the well-being of the client in their day to day life.
The first step was to free the sources of natural light. Leave behind the consumption of energy and enter the power of nature. The restructuring of the service areas: dressing rooms, the kitchen, the office, the kitchen support and laundry room, allowed the design to have not only better lighting, but also better air circulation.
The design uses the latest technology to create the rooms’ environments. They used chromotherapy resources, landscaping and indirect lighting, which made a huge difference to the atmosphere. Materials such as jute and reclaimed wood conveyed the philosophy of the brand. On the palette, the colours of communication orange, pink and green, give life and intimacy to the place.





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