Maria di Pace

Ciscolar do Bosque SP

Maria took a large social area of a house designed by Raul di Pace to spread small and beautiful antique pieces and design.

Choosing Brazilian furniture the 1950s and 60s, the best pieces of contemporary Scandinavian design and of British origin, outdoor furniture and hand embroidered pouffes the brands Dedon and Collectania, sculptures, photographs and painting by Brazilian artists, such as Florian Raiss, Akira Cravo, Zé Bezerra and Tripolli. The ceramic production: stools, table decorations, floor sculptures, spread throughout the house give the ultimate charm.
Each piece is unique and has distinct characteristics, but together they form a harmonious composition as a whole. The space has few partitions and that unites one environment to the other and the circulation between them.

Architecture by Paul di Pace
Interior Design by Maria di Pace
Photos by Ricardo Bassetti





© Maria di Pace 2014

Concept and design by U.I.WD.