Maria di Pace

Mostra Black 2013

Interiors by Maria di Pace
Photos: Inês Antich

The “Home Office’s” main purpose is to show that all pieces of the environment, without excess, can be harnessed and used for a lifetime, including the woodwork. They are pieces of quality and are flexible, with a timeless and visual appeal, that oulasts fads and trends.
The passion for art and design is portayed in every detail of the space, with brazilian designer pieces such as an armchair by Pedro Useche, a chair by Fetiche Deisgn, photographs by Alberto Ferreira, Terry O’Neill, Sergio Scripilitti and a painting by the artist Daniel Melim. Exclusive antique pieces Juliana Benfatti such as a ship’s chair and sculptures by renowned artists like Vasarely, AMrio Cravo and Dolly Moreno.
The space is dominated by light tones with the colour being provided by blue carpets and books on art and architecture displayed in the bookcase designed by the designer.
For her, the main highlights of the room are the table by the woodworker and furniture designer Joaquim Tenreiro, and the two paintings on the wall developed by Maria and the designer Joao Araujo. To complete the climate, the designer uses wooden and leather armchairs, creating a light and comfortable atmosphere.





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