Maria di Pace

VM Apartment

A project of total reform of the social, service and intimate areas of an apartment in Sao Paulo.

The walls were demolished and the small corridor minimized. The environment gained space and the owner, the option of integrating or not the social area with service. The space inherited a structural pillar, 1 metre high and 30cm wide, that prevented making itself one of the main elements of the room. One of the sides was covered in rustic concrete and the other side displays a panel by the artist KOBRA designed above an old photograph of the owner’s grandparents that is immediately noticed by whoever enters the room. A cellar separates the dining room the social entrance. And the kitchen, to make itself part of the living room has been redecorated with cheerful and original pieces, such as the hydraulic tiles, the tiled pediment with a personalized pattern done by six hands – the client, Maria and Lurca. The toilet also uses personalized tiles and has an antique fitting that is lacquered in blue.

Artists like Sesper and Daniel Merlin cover the walls with their colours and complement the décor.





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