Maria di Pace


Name of Work: Loja Zapalla – JK Iguatemi
City: São Paulo
Date of completion: 22/06/2012
Square Footage: 32,00 m²
Architecture: Raul di Pace
Interiors: Maria di Pace

The position of the brand concept the partners, is a young style, modern and cool, conveyed in the design of the new shop in JK Iguatemi and the look and feel present in the collections. The space is restricted to 32 m² and has been used to the maximum, putting the majority of visible stock in the shop’s own space. The walls are covered with woven fabric in different sized modules, to create visual movement. The corners display clothes, accessories and objects in the style of a young apartment. Mixing the use of technology – sound and lighting – the use of photograph panels to provide the need of a generation that is constantly changing and Always craving new things. The idea is to be able to constantly give the shop a new look, through the display of the clothes, objects and lighting.





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