Maria di Pace

Estande Wish Casa na Revestir

The Wish Casa booth premiered in Revestir 2014 as the largest vehicle communication space at the fair, and Maria received the invitation to design it. The intention was to make a reserved space, but the overall perception of the interior environment was made through a large window/balcony providing circulation in the main corridor. The service desk, between two internal libraries and two closed windows with external glass, was also to accommodate the promoters who were taking signatures for the magazine. The internal space was thought as a room of cozy living with modern furniture, a book library of old collections and some spot lighting, The two coatings used on the floor and half of the wall are porcelenato imitating wood and cement. The service spaces such as the kitchen and stock room are behind the breakfast room and are accessed by two lateral corridors, staying completely separate the social area. The project was made 100% possible by the partners and stayed open to the public for four days during the fair.





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