Zapalla Pop Up Iguatemi Mall



Mixed Winter Collection 2016 set design



Wine & Fine Wine Store



Tapiocaria Market



Mostra Black 2013



Ciscolar do Bosque SP



My Yoga



House SP



Estande Wish Casa na Revestir






VM Apartment



Cover of Kaza


Casa Vogue


Casa Valentina


Casa Vogue Luxo


Dica Guia Milão Wish Casa


Guia Design Weekend 2013






Kaza - Mostra Black


Robb Report


Wish Casa - city tour Beijing


foto da Maria di Pace




Since childhood Maria has grown up surrounded by architecture and design in her daily life. The granddaughter of architects and engineers, Maria has inherited her family’s great talents and today demonstrates this in her work as an interior designer.

Entrepreneurial, Maria works across several fronts: interior design projects; art expositions, interior design fair production and is now focused on a wellness project in the Jd Guedala neighbourhood that will revolutionize the area and surroundings



R. Dr. Clóvis de Oliveira, 450 B
  Jd Guedala São Paulo SP



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